Unveiling the Power of Tempest Creative Briefs

Learn more about Tempest's Creative Brief process and how our immersive, in-person destination experiences contribute to unique and dynamic websites that inspire.

Transforming Destinations into Online Experiences

In the realm of digital marketing for DMOs, our approach is about more than just creating functional websites and content – it's about capturing the very essence of a place. DMOs often face the challenge of creating a distinct website and supporting content that accurately reflects the core components of their communities and experiences. This can be difficult, but it's essential for attracting and engaging visitors.

Enter Tempest's Creative Brief process.

Designed to help DMOs overcome this challenge, the Creative Brief is a crucial first step in any website project. By taking the time to explore the destination in person, we gain a deep understanding of its unique qualities and what makes it special. This knowledge informs every aspect of the website design and content, resulting in a truly authentic and engaging experience for visitors.

Explore more about this discovery phase, its importance to the overall creative strategy, and how familiarization experiences have influenced designs.

What It Is: The Essence of a Creative Brief

Much like a familiarization (FAM) trip organized to introduce visiting journalists, influencers or prospective sales leads to all aspects of a destination via first-hand experiences, Tempest's Creative Briefs are an immersive mission to uncover the soul and spirit of a given destination. 

Through these briefs — in which several members of our Creative, Web and Growth Marketing teams typically attend — our team is able to better understand what makes any specific destination unique while simultaneously experiencing and extracting core destination attributes that will be central to the overall design philosophy and content strategy of a new website.

”Every destination is so different and unique, each having at least one thing that no other place has to offer.”

 - Taylor Ander, Director of Account Services

“Getting to experience the different aspects of the destination in person is very beneficial to the project,” describes Director of Account Services, Taylor Ander. “You can feel the vibe of the city and get a sense for the marquee attributes that make an area unique and special. Explaining it on a call or in a virtual meeting doesn't quite compare to the feeling of walking around and experiencing the community first-hand.”

Shaping Content Strategy Through Insightful Questions

During our visits, we engage in open dialogues with our clients, seeking their perspectives on what truly matters to them. “We greatly value the unique insights of a destination’s team, as these individuals intimately understand and breathe life into their brand" explains Tempest Creative Director, Michael Tripi. "Experiencing their destination first-hand together is always the most natural way to discuss frequent challenges and spark innovative ways to solve them.”

But Why Go to Such Lengths? 

The answer lies in the transformative power of this immersive experience. Creative Briefs are more than a means to an end; they are the cornerstone of our process.

“Visiting a destination gives us the opportunity to pick up on the subtleties that give it its unique character. Whether it's the natural colors of their environment, the area's iconic typography or the overall visitor experience—we look for creative ways to incorporate these elements so that our designs resonate.”

 - Michael Tripi, Creative Director

The Impact: Real-World Results

One of the most compelling aspects of Creative Briefs is the tangible impact they have on our web projects. The Creative Brief process allows us to create websites that are both visually appealing and user-friendly. For example, our work on the Detroit and Pensacola websites was directly influenced by our visits to those destinations.

In Detroit, we soaked up the city's vibrant musical history and culture, which was reflected in the website's design and color palette. We used iconic line art, halftone imagery, and typography reminiscent of Motown albums and music-themed brands.

In Pensacola, we were inspired by the serene beaches, scenic beauty, and laid-back coastal lifestyle. The website's color palette, navigation, and content all reflect these elements, offering a seamless user experience. Custom icons and a color palette mirroring the waterfront environment add a unique, local touch.

These transformations, made possible by the Creative Brief process, authentically capture the spirit of each destination and enhance their ability to showcase it to a global audience.

Our Creative Brief process isn't just a formality; it's a transformative journey that breathes life into our web projects. It ensures that we capture the heart of the destination and deliver an online experience that connects with travelers on a profound level. The Creative Brief is where a destination's story begins, and we are privileged to be the storytellers who bring it to life.

If you're interested in telling the story of your destination by enhancing your digital experience, contact our team for more information.

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