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Review some of the latest destination websites designed and developed by Tempest

We firmly believe in the transformative value of destination websites as a community's single most powerful asset. Through recent collaborations with DMOs across North America, we've embarked on a journey to not only create visually compelling web projects but to redefine how these platforms can be preeminent authorities for their destinations and use this digital landscape as a catalyst for growth and vitality within the community.

At Tempest, we're passionate about creating websites that are not only aesthetically and functionally dynamic, but also bring to life the narrative of the people and experiences it represents. 

What begins with an immersive Creative Brief eventually culminates in a curated website, each intricately designed to showcase the distinctive charm and allure of its respective locale. Check out some of our most recent web launches below.

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

From Street Art to Screen: Hattiesburg's Website Captures the City's Creative Soul

Hattiesburg's new website is a vibrant explosion of the city's creative spirit, featuring whimsical murals that burst off the screen. These colorful designs not only create a visually stunning experience but also capture the essence of Hattiesburg's lively culture. Textured backgrounds add depth and intrigue, while a clean layout ensures easy navigation for a truly immersive online journey.

Launched July 2024

Key Features:

  • Custom icons and maps serve as visual anchors creating a genuine and recognizable connection with the city 
  • Rule line elements are strategically woven throughout the site, introducing playfulness and maintaining visual consistency
  • Arrow elements guide users through the content with a sense of flow and direction

Stockton, California

A Community-Driven Site Showcasing the City's Edgy Vibe and Flavorful Spirit

Tempest absolutely loved teaming up once again with Visit Stockton to deliver an incredible digital experience, complete with a refreshed look and feel. Stockton's new website takes a bold new direction, embracing the city's vibrant food and nightlife scene while playfully acknowledging its reputation. The design features colorful accents and illustrative wallpapers that capture Stockton's creativity and diverse experiences. 

Launched June 2024

Key Features:

  • The versatility of a light/dark mode toggle, offers two distinct aesthetic experiences and transforms the website
  • Brand ambassador pull quotes showcase some of the community’s notable locals
  • The flexibility of the new design toolkit allow’s Stockton’s internal team to further customize and enhance the overall aesthetic of the new website

Ogden, Utah

Embrace the Spirit of Change With a Brand New Identity

We loved collaborating with our longtime friends and partners on their new digital experience and after nearly 20 years of the same logo, colors, and branding, the team at Visit Ogden was excited to finally unveil their fresh new look! The website accents the destination's new brand with subtle nods to the region's outdoor experiences and rich cultural heritage, including animated accent stickers that pay tribute to the local art scene. 

Launched April 2024

Key Features:

  • Bold woodcut fonts and slab serifs, pay tribute to Ogden's outdoor experiences and rich cultural heritage
  • Gritty overlays can be added or removed depending, while color backgrounds can be customized based on a page's creative strategy
  • Image heavy tools keep the website feeling cinematic, as content heavy tools cleaning display longer form editorials

Albany, Georgia

Discover a City's Historic Legacy Through a Sleek and Playful Website Design

We worked with the team at Visit Albany to showcase the historic legacy of Albany, GA — the birthplace of iconic sounds and home to endless stories. To help highlight some of those stories we used the new logo and design as a jumping off point, developing a sleek, yet colorful site that balances ease of use and playfulness

Launched March 2024

Key Features:

  • The curvature of the new Visit Albany GA logo was extended into our design modules, creating movement in the design, and further reinforcing the idea of water which is a key attribute of this destination
  • To keep the website feeling cohesively branded yet still vibrant, navy and teal were assigned as primary colors for key content areas, while orange and green were used as accents for signature callouts and story features
  • To build off of the new brand’s playful identity a series of custom patterns were developed to make the website feel more dynamic

Santa Rosa, California

Explore Cool Vibes and Vibrant Culture in the Heart of Sonoma County

This project presented a unique opportunity: collaborating with Visit Santa Rosa to craft not just one, but three distinct websites that capture the essence of the city. From the vibrant spirit of Visit Santa Rosa, to the lively energy of Downtown Santa Rosa, and the supportive network of the Santa Rosa Chamber (new site coming soon), each website reflects a specific facet of the city's identity.

Launched March 2024

Key Features:

  • Overall art direction is meant to showcase Santa Rosa’s culinary and outdoor experiences through an earth tone color palette and more refined design grid
  • Accessibility is improved and the community’s fun, hip vibe is captured through retro scripts and bold, iconic typography 
  • Hexagon shapes and background patterns help build a cohesive style across multiple brands 
  • Subtle line art elements add further detail and dimension reinforcing the Santa Rosa brand and breaking up large areas of negative space

Ocala/Marion County, Florida

Highlighting a Region's Natural Wonders with Digital Intrigue

Known as "Florida's Natural Treasure" and "The Horse Capital of the World," ecotourism is at the forefront of Ocala/Marion County's brand. But how do you translate a persona engrained in natural beauty into a digital landscape that fully showcases the region's natural wonders? Collaborating with the Ocala/Marion County team, Tempest focused on an immersive digital experience complete with stunning visuals and intuitive functionalities designed to enhance trip planning for every visitor.

Launched February 2024

Key Features:

  • The design team highlighted the unparalleled beauty of Ocala/Marion County through a vibrant tapestry of high-resolution photos and videos
  • The color palette bursts with energy, reflecting the destination's natural splendor
  • Subtle animations bring key attractions to life, mirroring the fluidity of the waterways that define the area
  • marks Tempest's inaugural website launch using the latest CMS platform, Craft 4.0, offering enhanced features for seamless content management and dynamic website updates
  • Ongoing Growth Marketing support from Tempest ensures new and existing website content remains updated, helpful and relevant to users throughout the year

Ridgeland, Mississippi 

At the Crossroads of Luxurious Experience and Outdoor Exploration

We recently worked with the Explore Ridgeland (formerly Visit Ridgeland) team to create a sophisticated new website alongside a full creative rebranding campaign. Both initiatives aimed to showcase the city's unique ability to cater to those seeking upscale experiences and exhilarating outdoor adventures.

Launched February 2024

Key Features:

  • Full creative rebranding campaign and website showcasing enhanced photography and videography assets
  • Clean design with ample white space lends itself to a focus on the updated assets and showcase the destination in a way that you can imagine yourself as a part of the story
  • Large hero videos on each core page create an interactive experience, taking the user on a captivating digital tour of the city

Cartersville, Georgia

A Gateway to Northwest Georgia

We kicked off 2024 with a bang, launching the brand new Cartersville-Bartow County CVB website in January. Working with the Cartersville team was a true pleasure.  Their enthusiasm for their city was contagious, and they were open to creative ideas that captured Cartersville's unique energy.

Launched January 2024

Key Features:

  • Designed by Tempest's Creative team, the new site features custom icons integrated throughout navigation features and card scrollers that add a playful touch to help guide visitors effortlessly through the website
  • Seamless connection to the Clarence Brown Conference Center microsite which mirrors the design and functionality of the main DMO website and creates a cohesive brand experience
  • Using the Cartersville logo as a jumping-off point, our team brought in dynamic type treatments and line textures woven within the design while pops of color and a bold script add visual interest

Niagara Falls, New York

Celebrating History and Adventure in the Heart of the Falls

Tempest loved working alongside the Destination Niagara USA team to produce an engaging digital experience that encapsulates and celebrates the history and experiences of this one-of-a-kind destination. The revamped website introduces a fresh visual aesthetic and enhanced functionality, aimed at providing users with a seamless, immersive, and informative experience.

Launched December 2023

Key Features:

  • Numerous design elements pay homage to the Falls' iconic mist, the many water-based adventures found throughout the region, and Niagara County's prominent place in American history
  • Interactive custom maps to help visitors curate their itineraries in and around the areea
  • Showcase blocks featuring subtle animations that zoom into images, captivating visitors and mirroring the attention-grabbing allure of the falls

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Bridging Tradition and Modernity in the City of Steel

The City of Bridges has unveiled an enhanced digital experience that connects leisure travelers, meeting professionals, sports planners and local residents to all there is to see, do, eat and experience in Pittsburgh. The Tempest team thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with our long time partners at VisitPITTSBURGH on this project, which features responsive design elements that complement VisitPITTSBURGH's colorful new brand, as well as an upgraded content management system, improved partner discoverability, responsive site search, and much more.

Launched December 2023

Key Features:

  • Animated showcase blocks that dynamically highlight the city's unique attractions, engaging visitors visually
  • Large blocks of black and white space not only make the brand colors pop but also emphasize site navigation features, providing a visually striking and intuitive experience for users
  • Tall hero banners echo the vastness of its namesake, "The City of Bridges", acting as a crossing point between content and imagery, while offering readers an enticing introduction to the destination

Wimberley, Texas

Hill Country Gem with Western Flair and Natural Beauty

Wimberley is a Hill Country gem with a distinct Western charm. The Tempest team was lucky enough to collaborate with the Visit Wimberley team to launch the inaugural website for this newly incorporated Texas city. Design focused on capturing the destination's unique character, as well as highlighting the natural beauty, outdoor attractions, and Wimberley’s small-town heritage.

Launched September 2023

Key Features:

  • Clean design, seamlessly blending large, striking imagery with generous negative space for an uncluttered and visually impactful user journey
  • Dynamic search tool with integrated CRM, curated for an effortless navigation experience for web visitors
  • Playful typography, border design, and icons woven throughout that capture the essence of western saloon-style aesthetics

Fox Cities, Wisconsin

Playful Portal to Original Experience

The vibrant Fox Cities, located in the heart of Wisconsin, is a region where you’ll find the convergence of tradition and innovation. The new website for the Fox Cities Convention & Visitors Bureau is more than a digital gateway; it's a testament to the region's rich history and forward-thinking spirit featuring a responsive design with nods to the neighborhoods, original experiences and paper making history that make this destination so unique.

Launched August 2023

Key Features:

  • New website highlights brand elements with vibrant colors and image heavy mosaic designs
  • Engaging animations and large icons showcase the destination’s playful side
  • Multi-sensory experience with a blend of captivating video, stunning imagery, and compelling visuals to enhance the user's trip-planning journey

As we reflect on our journey with these diverse destinations, we are reminded that our commitment extends far beyond web design. For us, it's about cultivating genuine partnerships, where we invest in the success of each client. Our collaborative mission involves in-depth discovery and a cross-discipline team approach, ensuring we deeply understand your destination's needs. 

Beyond launch, our efforts continue with SEO-friendly platforms and ongoing digital marketing support. We don't just design websites; we unlock the full potential, value, and importance of your destination.

These digital platforms transcend traditional websites; they become dynamic resources and authoritative hubs, catering to both the local community and the eager travelers seeking an authentic experience. Positioned as the official go-to resource, DMO websites play a pivotal role in stimulating economic growth. Partners benefit from impactful marketing that translates into overall community development. It's a testament to the profound impact tourism can have on every facet of a city, and we take pride in crafting experiences that resonate and contribute meaningfully to the prosperity of your destination

At the end of the day, our vision is to bring yours to life.

Contact Tempest today to learn more how we can help elevate your brand and foster meaningful connections. 

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