Navigating iDSS: Best Practices for 2024

Welcome to a new year filled with endless possibilities! As we kick off 2024, it's not just about resolutions; it's about reimagining how we operate, especially in the dynamic realm of iDSS.

In this blog, we’ll explore some of our best practices designed to enhance both your iDSS experience and contribute to the continued growth of your DMO in the coming year.

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A Closer Look at User Management

The foundation of a well-optimized iDSS platform lies in effective user management. To ensure everyone is in sync and the right people have access to the right places, we'll start with a team check-in.

Start by running the "Staff Permissions Audit" report, providing a detailed breakdown of staff roles and permissions. This introspective dive should include an examination of active users, contact roles, account type permissions, lead type permissions, report permissions, and query permissions.

But this is more than just a checklist exercise. It's an opportunity to align your iDSS platform with the evolving needs of your organization. Consider it a strategic audit, enabling you to streamline access and enhance security. As part of this strategic realignment, it's important to deactivate access for users whose roles are no longer aligned with organizational needs. Simultaneously, make sure to update individual user roles and permissions for those who remain integral to the iDSS journey. This ensures that your iDSS environment remains a dynamic and secure hub for collaboration.

How to Run a Staff Permissions Audit

You can run the “Staff Permissions Audit” Report by going to Queries & Reports > Reports from your main Navigation Menu. This report is located in the “Management” Section on this page.

This report is very straightforward to run - there are no additional parameters, and will only export an Excel file. Click Launch Report to view your results.

The results of this report will display 5 tabs in excel. The first tab labeled “Table” will display the contact information for each of your staff members including Name, Title, Email, Username, Last Login Date, and Number of Logins. The rest of the tabs are labeled Contact Roles, Account Types, Lead Types, Reports, and Queries. These tabs all will show you what each user in your database has assigned for those permission types.

Optimizing Reporting for Strategic Insights

The reporting capabilities within iDSS are a treasure trove of insights waiting to be unlocked. Begin by running the "Reports Available w/ Descriptions" report to gain a comprehensive understanding of the reporting landscape. This step is not just about the numbers; it's about making informed decisions.

As you look through the list of available reports, question their relevance in the current organizational context. Consider the strategic impact of each report and make informed decisions about their retention or retirement. This isn't just a technical exercise; it's a strategic alignment of your reporting infrastructure with your DMO’s goals.

How to run Reports Available w/ Descriptions Report

You can run the “Reports Available w/ Descriptions” Report by going to Queries & Reports > Reports from your main Navigation Menu. This report is located in the “General” Section on this page.

Once this report is selected, choose the report settings. Under the "Report Type" dropdown you can select to include custom reports or just view standard reports. Under "Select Group" you can choose whether the report is produced alphabetically or sorted by Report Type. Finally, at the bottom of the page, you can choose the report format (PDF, CSV, or Rich Text).

You can then click Launch Report to generate the file for you to review.

Crafting a Seamless User Experience with Page Layouts & Fields

The user interface is the gateway to your iDSS world, and it should be as intuitive as possible. Begin by running the "Client List Audit" report, a comprehensive examination of available Account Types, Detail Types, Custom Fields, and more. This report isn't just a snapshot; it's a roadmap to refining and optimizing your iDSS environment.

As you audit the usage of each field, think strategically about what serves your organization best. Remove redundancies, merge where needed, and consider adding fields that align with evolving business needs. This process lays the groundwork for a seamless user experience.

Once you have reviewed the available fields in your system, now review and update the page layouts. Take a look at Accounts, Contacts, Lead Summaries, Leads, Lead History, Inquiries, Inquiry RFPs, Team Activities, Team Activity Contacts, Itineraries, Media Advertising, Media Items and Tasks. By updating the page layouts, you can curate a seamlessly integrated iDSS environment that aligns efficiently with your DMO’s workflow. Additionally, for any data updates essential to optimizing your information, don't hesitate to connect with the iDSS Team.

How to Run the Client List Audit

You can run the “Client List Audit” Report by going to Queries & Reports > Reports from your main Navigation Menu. This report is located in the “General” Section on this page.

This report is very straightforward to run - there are no additional parameters, and will only export an Excel file. Click Launch Report to view your results.

Unlocking the Full Potential of iDSS Features

Beyond the foundational aspects, it's essential to explore and leverage the full range of iDSS features. Ensure that you're harnessing the core functionalities effectively—managing Accounts & Contacts, integrating with Outlook, handling Inquiries, Leads, Local Events, Surveys, and Team Activity.

But don't stop there; explore additional features that can further enrich your iDSS experience.

  • Email Campaigns
    • Send beautifully branded email campaigns all within iDSS. View open and click through stats, see all interactions on the contact activity tab. 10,000 Email Credits are included per year with your iDSS Subscription. Learn more about iDSS Email Campaigns here.
  • iDSS Proposal Tool “Publish”
    • Create beautifully branded templates which pull in your iDSS Lead & Partner Data to design stunning Proposals in a matter of minutes. iDSS Proposals is an add-on subscription fee. Learn more about iDSS Publish here.
  • iDSS Cvent Integration
    • Integrate your iDSS Instance with your CVENT RFPs. This functionality feeds your Cvent RFPS into your iDSS Instance, allowing you to quickly promote to a lead and view all Cvent RFP updates along with all partner responses on your iDSS Lead. The iDSS Cvent Integration is an add-on subscription fee. Learn more about the iDSS Cvent Integration here.
  • iDSS Scout Integration
    • Integrate your iDSS Instance with your Sports Tourism Index Platform Scout RFPs. This service is included with your iDSS & Scout Subscription Fee. Learn more about Scout here.
  • iDSS Attend
    • Set up and host Event Registration & or Housing all within iDSS utilizing the Attend feature. Included is independent event microsites, payment gateway integration, and mobile ticketing application for onsite check in. iDSS Attend is included with your CRM Subscription for Free Registration Events. Learn more about iDSS Attend here.
  • Meeting Space
    • Do you manage space in your destination? Utilize iDSS Meeting Space to manage space reservation within your destination all within your CRM. iDSS Meeting Space is an add-on subscription fee. Learn more about Meeting Space here.

Continuous Learning and Support

The journey towards iDSS excellence is an ongoing one, and your team's knowledge is pivotal. Make the most of the available training opportunities, including Helo Articles, Release Notes, Training Guides, Pre-Recorded videos, and Live Webinars all within the Tempest Community.

Need personalized assistance? Reach out to iDSS Success. Schedule a call with a Success Manager or drop an email at [email protected]. We believe in empowering you with the knowledge and support needed not only to succeed but to thrive.

Embrace Efficiency in 2024

As you continue on the iDSS journey in 2024, these best practices will help serve as a compass, guiding you toward an optimized and efficient workflow. 

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