Email Campaigns

Have you tried Email Campaigns yet in iDSS Cyclone? Build beautiful responsive templates, manage lists, and measure your success.

With Email Campaigns, you can house your marketing data and email program within one platform - no need to toggle from your CRM to an outside email platform or provider. Build distribution lists, manage unsubscribes automatically, and send fully-responsive, branded communications right from iDSS Cyclone.

  • Manage all your data in one platform. Add any contact to email distribution lists and enjoy automatic unsubscribe updates.
  • Send mobile-friendly, responsive emails that will look amazing on any device.
  • Build beautiful emails like a pro with simple drag-and-drop editing tools.
  • Watch your campaigns deploy in real-time with campaign dashboards and analytics.

Need An Email Marketing Boost?

If you need help with your email marketing, whether you're looking at your existing program with fresh eyes, or starting from scratch, Tempest offers full email marketing management solutions. Work with our talented email experts to fully leverage the power of Email Campaigns.

  • Responsive Email Template Design
  • Email Deliverability Audit
  • Email List Hygiene
  • Ongoing Campaign Production & Deployment
  • Re-engagement Campaigns
  • Tracking & Reporting
  • Email Compliance Consulting (GDPR & CASL)

Email Marketing

​Need An Email Marketing Boost?


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