Coffee Review: Seventh Square Coffee

White coffee bag with colorful artwork and the words "Seventh Sense" on a table with a mug, Chemex carafe, and jar of beans.

Read our coffee review of Seventh Square Coffee from West Monroe, LA, and discover the intricate notes and details of their Seventh Sense roast.

At Tempest, we love a great cup of coffee to start our day and we’ve discovered there’s no better way to immerse ourselves in the community we’re visiting than by supporting its local coffee scene. With a Chemex always at the ready, we’re aficionados in search of the perfect brew, eager to savor the diverse flavors each destination has to offer.

Seventh Square Coffee

On a recent creative brief to Experience Ruston, our team visited Seventh Square Coffee in West Monroe, LA. This sunny spot, filled with natural light and ample seating, invites patrons to enjoy their coffee in a warm and inviting atmosphere. While there, we picked up a bag of Seventh Sense, a light roast coffee brewed from single origin Ethiopian beans. Beyond roasting and brewing exceptional coffee – Seventh Square Coffee actively engages with the community through pop-ups and collaborations with local businesses.

Seventh Square Coffee Review

  • Brew/Blend Name: Seventh Sense
  • Origin & Bean Type: Single origin, Ethiopia (Tega Village)
  • Roast Level: Light
  • Brew Method: Chemex
  • Flavor Profile: Notes of chocolate, lemon, and praline, while remaining sweet and fruity.
  • Acidity & Body: Smooth aroma, mellow, with a light body.
  • Aftertaste: Refreshing notes of rose, berry, and praline.
  • Packaging & Branding: Quality zip lock and bag material. The artwork, designed by Wheeler, reminds us of tattoos and Jawas from Star Wars.
  • Unique Features: This roaster collaborates with local businesses to create blends related to each of those businesses with great artwork for each collaboration.
  • Recommendation: While reviewing this roast, Michael Vizzoni, Director of Client Success for iDSS noted, “The aftertaste taste is pleasant with this one. There is a bit of a sweet aftertaste that lingers for several seconds. Just makes me want to go back for more!”

    John Barnett, Senior Client Success Manager for iDSS shared, “I recommend this coffee for anyone who doesn't enjoy a bitter coffee or a super dark coffee. It is light and refreshing with a hint of sweetness.”

After brewing multiple carafes, it’s safe to say Seventh Square Coffee has won us over!

If you need help promoting your unique destination we have a variety of services including web, growth, and CRM, contact us today for more information. Who knows, our next creative brief – and our next favorite coffee spot – could be in your area!

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