Hear From 4 Destinations Looking Toward Recovery

Visit Sedona Website Design

Four destination leaders across North America share their insights about heading toward a COVID-19 recovery.

In case you missed our recent webinar, we discussed leveraging technology, specifically your CRM and website, to effectively communicate with your community and with visitors. Additionally, we welcomed four destination leaders to share how their communities are preparing for recovery. Thank you to our guest speakers for sharing your insights and expertise.

Visit McAllen

Panelist: Rob Lopez, Vice President & Director 

Rob discusses how McAllen is a unique destination, with lots of visitation coming from Mexico. With different cultural target markets, they will need to tailor messaging for domestic and international visitors.

Visit Roswell

Panelist: Andy Williams, CEO 

With Roswell, GA being a big leisure destination, Andy discusses how they are navigating the state's reopening and how local businesses and the community members are responding.

Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau

Panelist: Jennifer Wesselhoff, President & CEO 

Jennifer discusses how Sedona is focusing on three topics as they head into recovery: communication, data, and hope.

Visit Big Bear

Panelist: Eddie Kirsch, Director of Marketing & Communications

Eddie shares how Visit Big Bear has created a list of best practices to help facilitate the reopening of businesses and the process he has been going through with his individual partners to communicate and prepare. 

You can view the full webinar recording below, with tips from the Tempest team for setting up systems and communication using your website and CRM. Stay tuned for information about upcoming webinars. 

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