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Get to know a true California original.

After working through a complete rebrand, Visit Laguna Beach partnered with Tempest to reimagine its digital marketing platform and bring its new brand to life.

Client: Visit Laguna Beach
Location: Laguna Beach, CA
Industry: Destination Marketing

Visit Site

One of the most iconic destinations on California’s southern coast, Visit Laguna Beach suffered from a stale execution of its brand, limiting its ability to properly share the community’s story with potential visitors. The previous online execution of the Laguna Beach brand was limited by small-format photography and a rigid content management platform. Providing more flexibility to the Visit Laguna Beach team was critical, as was crafting a user experience that showcased the destination, better engaging and inspiring visitors to book a vacation.

After working through a complete brand update and comprehensive research study, Visit Laguna Beach was armed with extensive audience insights and an authentic brand platform and position that would form the foundation for all digital executions. The new platform would capitalize on Laguna Beach's unique geographic location and appeal to visitors looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city without sacrificing on creature comforts.

Visit Laguna Beach partnered with Tempest to reimagine its online user experience and develop a new website leveraging the new “California Original" campaign through a leading-edge user interface, emerging technology, and refreshed visual assets. The project was unique in that it completely reimagined Visit Laguna Beach's codebase and CRM data, allowing the Tempest team to craft an optimized digital marketing platform that lays the foundation for future Visit Laguna Beach marketing efforts. This empowered the Tempest team to bring the new Visit Laguna Beach identity to life in a profoundly fresh way, raising the bar for destination websites around the world.

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