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YOY Organic Traffic Growth in 2023

How Tempest's SEO & Content Strategy Helped Explore Elk Grove Achieve Authority & Marketing Success

In 2021, Explore Elk Grove partnered with Tempest to design and launch a new destination website. The website was built from the ground up to provide a reliable, engaging, and user-friendly digital experience for visitors and locals seeking information about the city located just south of Sacramento, CA.

As one of the newest cities in California, having incorporated in 2001, Elk Grove was still working to establish its own distinct identity, and the new destination website helped the city find and convey that identity. Upon the launch of the new ExploreElkGrove.com in 2022, website content was minimal. Essential pages were in existence, along with several blogs, but deeper destination storytelling was lacking. As part of the collaborative partnership, Tempest worked to bolster the new website with a significant investment in content creation, coupled with ongoing SEO maintenance, to ensure the launch was a success and the momentum carried for years to come.

Uncorked & Uncapped in Elk Grove, CA. Photo courtesy of Explore Elk Grove

Complete Content & SEO Support

In the two years since the website’s launch, Tempest supported Explore Elk Grove’s internal marketing team by identifying and pursuing nearly 60 data-driven content opportunities. Focus was placed on enhancing visitor engagement within the website and driving clicks to support Explore Elk Grove’s marketing goals, including increased experience pass sign-ups and boosted awareness and attendance of key events, such as Explore Elk Grove’s annual Uncorked & Uncapped festival.

Key to the content plan was storytelling and content opportunities that supported and profiled Elk Grove’s unique blend of multicultural events and annual celebrations. A core approach to this strategy was the development (and continual updates) of evergreen pages for each marquee annual event throughout the year, which would establish Explore Elk Grove as the authority on these signature community celebrations.

In addition to event content, Tempest also pursued comprehensive blog entries that targeted highly searched queries and would provide users with up-to-date information on top seasonal experiences, can’t-miss culinary options, and even rich background information on attractions in the area, such as the newly opened Sky River Casino.

To aid in accelerating the website’s Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-E-A-T) rating, which directly impacts how the search engine evaluates content sources, Tempest developed brief bios for each member of the Elk Grove team and used them to enhance the ‘Who We Are’ section of the website. The updates further underscored the expertise behind the website and its content, while demystifying the organization responsible for these insights and stories.

Boosting Engagement & Visibility

As a result of Tempest’s content and SEO efforts, the Explore Elk Grove website witnessed consecutive year-over-year organic traffic growth (+79% in 2022 and +102% in 2023), as well as increases in overall user engagement, with an engagement rate of 63% to close 2023.

Tempest was successful in creating, refining and enhancing content that promoted the organization’s signature Uncorked & Uncapped event, which garnered 1,334 organic visits in 2023 and was among the top landing pages for the website. A Halloween annual event page crafted by Tempest in 2022 and updated in 2023 secured the coveted #1 ranking for “Halloween in Elk Grove,” spurring nearly 1,600 organic visits (a +1,098% YoY increase). A blog detailing top holiday experiences — again developed in 2022 and updated in 2023 by Tempest — captured over 1,300 organic sessions in 2023 for a +150% YoY increase.

Ongoing SEO support, which focused on refining title tags, meta descriptions, image alt text and other crucial search engine signals allowed Explore Elk Grove to achieve significant improvements in Google organic search, successfully securing #1 ranking placements for 72 queries in the nearly two years since the website launched.

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