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Have you met the true Schenectady, NY?

To help visitors rediscover its vibrant community, Discover Schenectady partnered with Tempest to develop a new brand identity and digital marketing platform.

Client: Discover Schenectady
Location: Schenectady, NY
Industry: Destination Marketing

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Established in 2015, Discover Schenectady is a young DMO tasked with sharing the story of a rapidly-evolving destination. Having emerged from an economic downturn, driven by the 2008 recession and the departure of major industrial job providers, Schenectady was overlooked and overshadowed by its upstate New York neighbors. 

In recent years, new business opportunities have emerged in the community, helping fuel a renaissance of arts and culture, dining and nightlife, and area attractions and activities. Discover Schenectady partnered with Tempest to reimagine its identity and website in order to share new community assets and experiences with the travel audience.

Discover Schenectady began the project by engaging in a research study that leveraged information from the community, consumers, and competitive destinations. The study culminated in an extensive plan and authentic brand position that would serve as the foundation for all future marketing activities. A new logo and newly-designed website now introduce the travel audience to the true Schenectady travel experience, inviting visitors to rediscover everything the destination has to offer.  

The website captures the unique character of Schenectady with large-format photography featuring fresh elements of the destination including restored theaters, new restaurants, and a recently-opened casino. Bold colors of navy blue and stark white evoke the modernity and character of the people of the Schenectady community, while confident fonts and gritty texture capture its historical nature. A dedicated theme showcases "SchenectadEats," a sub-brand developed to cover the community’s burgeoning restaurant scene, which attracts visitors from around the Capital District in New York and beyond.


We not only launched a great website, but we also developed a great, ongoing partnership with a team that truly cares about our success. I think the best part of working with the Tempest team is that they really took the time to Discover Schenectady and see for themselves what makes us a unique destination. It’s been noted by visitors time and again that our new website really captures our spirit and helps us to highlight all of the attractions and sponsors that make us special.

Becky Daniels
Executive Director - Discover Schenectady
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