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Capturing the sustainable and progressive properties of a stunning space.

The David Lawrence Convention Center team partnered with Tempest to showcase its brand online in an entirely new and impactful way.

Client: David Lawrence Convention Center
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Industry: Meetings & Events
Awards: Silver Adrian Award for Website Design & Development

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Providing a stunning backdrop for world-class meetings and events in Pittsburgh, the David Lawrence Convention Center is one of the most iconic event properties in the nation. Offering 1.5 million square feet of meeting and exhibition space, the David Lawrence Convention Center boasts a LEED Platinum Certification.

In late 2017, the David Lawrence Convention Center team decided to completely reimagine its marketing platform to share its story of sustainability and commitment to excellence more effectively.

The team needed to tell the story of the connection with nature and sustainability by crafting a new brand identity and fresh website user experience. Showcasing the high-tech, progressive nature of the Convention Center’s home city was essential, providing a complementary user experience as different audiences navigated between the David Lawrence Convention Center website and the property’s sister travel planning website, VisitPittsburgh.com.

The new website needed to effectively engage meeting and event planners by sharing the building’s story in a compelling way, inspiring planners to dream about bringing their event to life. At the same time, the final identity and website experience needed to educate and excite both attendees and exhibitors. 

The new website offers Level AA Conformance to web content accessibility guidelines, ensuring an inclusive design that works for all visitors.

The project began with work on a new brand identity. The Tempest creative team developed new logo and font assets to capture the progressive and sustainable nature of the property. Cool greys and deep blues reflect the building's interior design, creating an emotional connection and setting the stage for the visitor’s experience at the Convention Center. Playful copy such as “Columns are for Spreadsheets” showcases the unique architecture of the building, engages the user, and evokes the creative nature the Convention Center team brings to event planning. The new website achieves Level AA Conformance to web content accessibility guidelines, ensuring every person who accesses the website can freely explore all the content it has to offer.

The new brand identity and website experience advance the perception of the David Lawrence Convention Center, giving its diverse target audiences the tools they need to showcase the destination and inspire bookings at the property. The convention center sales team reports an increase in qualified RFP submissions. The sales team also finds that meeting planners are using the website as an inspirational tool and beginning the event planning process with a better understanding of the property’s unique features and capabilities.

The online synergy between VisitPITTSBURGH and the David Lawrence Convention Center is stronger than it has ever been, helping both teams work together to more effectively close business and provide a seamless user experience during all phases of the travel planning process.

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