A Friendly Wager Around The N.F.C. Championship

Tempest Will Match Meet Minneapolis’ $1,000 Donation to Destinations International Foundation

Did you hear about the friendly wager between Meet Minneapolis and Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau? As the Eagles and Vikings were headed into the N.F.C. Championship to fight for a trip to the Super Bowl, our friends at Meet Minneapolis and the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau made a little bet.

Depending on the outcome of the game, Meet Minneapolis President and CEO Melvin Tennant and Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau President and CEO Julie Coker Graham each promised to donate $1,000 to Destinations International Foundation and wear the winner’s jersey of choice at their next board meeting.

Melvin & Julie

The Philadelphia Eagles are N.F.C. Champs

But Destinations International Foundation is the real winner.

Minneapolis is home to a Tempest office and Tempest recently worked with Meet Minneapolis to build the brand new Minneapolis.org website with support from our iDSS CRM platform.  Philadelphia is home to Tempest’s headquarters and the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau is also a Tempest client, using iDSS to power its operations.When we heard about Melvin and Julie’s friendly wager we couldn’t help but add fuel to the fire by pledging to match the losing city's contribution of $1,000 to the foundation. It’s always an honor to support Destinations International Foundation and we couldn’t resist a friendly bet between two outstanding cities, clients, and friends.

We hope Melvin looks good in green, because it looks like he'll have to wear a Nick Foles jersey to his next board meeting. Everyone at Tempest is looking forward to an exciting Super Bowl matchup in Minneapolis' beautiful new stadium. 

We also look forward to celebrating with friends and colleagues soon in Washington D.C. for the Destinations International Foundation’s 2018 Spirit of Hospitality, where we will be the event's Spirit Trailblazer Sponsor. Please stop by and say hello to our team.

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