Reopening Visitor Centers Webinar: Top 5 Takeaways

Tips from destinations that have recently opened or are preparing to open their visitor centers.

On our recent webinar, we spoke with destination professionals from three different organizations about how they are handling reopening their visitor centers. Thank you again to the following panelist for sharing your insights with the group:

Here are the top five takeaways from that conversation. You may also view the full recording below. 

1. Rethink Your Space

While some organizations are fortunate to have plenty of space and even deep counters that help with social distancing, many visitor centers are on the small side. Most locations are implementing plexiglass barriers to protect guests and staff. They are also using tables to block off certain areas of the visitor center to limit foot traffic. Our panelists also all recommended limiting the number of visitors permitted inside the building at one time. 

2. Reduce Touchpoints

Another common theme was eliminating touchpoints by removing or reducing brochures and brochure racks. In Pulaski County, Beth and her team are offering curbside service for guests who are not comfortable heading inside. Jode's team in Georgia's Blue Ridge is providing quick readymade to-go bags for visitors to get materials quickly and easily. When guests at the Waco CVB Visitor Center make a purchase, they even receive a free branded pen to sign their receipt and then take home with them!

3. Enhance Safety & Cleaning Initiatives

All of our panelists said they are providing hand sanitizer and masks to visitors and staff. They are either selling masks at cost or offering them for free. Locations will also be enhancing cleaning to keep bathrooms sanitized between each use and to keep handles and other high-touch areas wiped and clean. To help staff adjust to new cleaning protocols, Beth advises sharing cleaning responsibilities across your entire team.

4. Create Signage 

To help visitors know what to expect, create branded, friendly signage to indicate that you are open and whether or not you have curbside options available. Use simple, visual imagery to indicate that visitors need to grab their masks from the car before walking in. Susan from Waco CVB shared a useful resource of downloadable sign templates from that can help your team to get started. 

5. Be Transparent & Communicate

Some residents may be nervous about reopening and welcoming guests or second homeowners. To help ease concerns, communicate the safety measures and precautions that your organization is taking across your website, email, and social channels. As a blended chamber of commerce and destination organization, Jode's team in Georgia's Blue Ridge, has been hosting regular member webinars to keep the entire business community aligned and informed.

Thank you again to our panelists and guests. There were so many great questions and answers shared during this webinar. For even more great tips and insights, check out the full recording.